Back from Belgium, with great experiences!


This is a special blog entry. Not long time ago, I have returned from Belgium. It was a great trip. I have visited Brussels and smaller villages around it. The most exciting place was the bonsai nursery though. After a week or emailing and planing, I have finally managed to visit the Ginkgo Bonsai Nursery by Mr. Danny Use.
He is a great man and inspiration. His kindness, patience and wisdom prove to be without limits, which is in fact true. He is well recognised within and outside Europe.


There were hundreds and hundreds of trees. From saplings to mature award winning trees. Sometimes I could not decide wether this is a private collection tree (yes, Mr. Use keeps his private collection there as well) or an “average” tree.


If you wish to read the interview/discussion I have had with Mr. Use follow the link or click on the interview tab in the menu:



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