The Beginning


I would like to start by thanking you for visiting either my blog. It is a great new start, and I am looking forward to learn more from you, and hopefully you can learn from me.
As a start I would like to introduce myself. I am Tamás (Thomas in English), and I am from Hungary. I am collecting various plants (with focus on bonsais) for a couple of years now. To me it is really fascinating how plants can live, flourish and survive in different harsh conditions.

I would like to introduce some of my plants I have been working through this time. My collection is constantly growing and I am trying to raise my own plants at one point. As a start I would like to introduce to you some of my bonsais I have bought in Berlin, Germany:

Jade Bonsai Tree:

Japanese Pepper Bonsai:

Fukien Tea Bonsai

Chinese money plant

The first 3 plants are typical bonsai trees, while the last one, is less well-known. Nevertheless, nearly all kind of plants & trees can be a bonsai. At one point, I had to leave Germany, and I was worried how I will be able to transport my plants back on a truck. Luckily the driver was friendly and took care in his cabin, although the plants were in very bad shape.


When all of them arrived back to Hungary, I have decided to start my own project. I have chosen the jade tree, which is easy to propagate. By that time my Jade tree grown significantly.



Now they are bigger and even the young plants have small branches. Lately I have started to orient my focus on mediterranean plants.



These are a mix of 3 different plants, which are following: Podocarpus, Pachira and finally a lot of small Stenocereus.
Later on I will post more news about these bonsais and other interesting facts (caring, fertilising) and soon it will be the start of repotting. So stay tuned!


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