Ikea’s Växer – a hydroponic garden for home

Hello everyone,

After a break I would like to share with you a new blog series, where I will talk about my experiences about Ikea’s newest product, called Växer.


So what is it? Everyone knows about Ikea, the furniture giant. But this time it is more about home gardening than a piece of furniture. Ever wanted to grow fresh salad and cooking ingredients indoor? Well then Ikea has the solution for your problem. They even made a very good video about what is Växer.

After reading a bit about it, I became curious. Seasons of course affect gardening possibilities and not everyone can establish a winter garden at home – especially if you live in a flat like me without any garden possibility. So what I did is I went to IKEA to buy myself a full equipment.

All in all, it isn’t a cheap investment. Buying the stand, lamp, soil, fertiliser, seeds, greenhouse, growing media can be actually pricy.. but is it worthy? We will see! 🙂

The items and  seeds seem to me good quality. The only issue is some parts fit not the best, but nothing major. In about 1 hour – or if you get help even less, you can fully construct and make your new home garden operational. As we all know, IKEA isn’t hard to put together and even for this case it is true. For now what I have did, I put my seeds (watercress, basil, parsley) in the growing media and filled the greenhouse with water – this way the growing media will take and hold just enough water for the seeds to germinate. If you have warm and sunny weather you can put it to the windowsill or if not just under the growing light, either way it should work. When I will have some result I will share it with you in my next post.


If you are interested how to do it step by step, you can watch IKEA’s commercial in a time lapse video. I hope in the upcoming days I will already see some progress and I can share some good experiences with you!

All in all my review about Växer is:

– good quality
– suitable for “lazy” gardeners
– up to 9 different seeds
– easy to use, doesn’t require much of an attention
– doesn’t take much space
– “clean gardening” – won’t leave much of a mess
– high chance os success

– kind of pricey
– some parts don’t fit easily, but nothing major

Let me know in the comments if you already have it and what are your experiences!


Late summer gardening

Hello Everyone,

Here, where I live summer is slowly coming to its end. There are still some warm days with sun, but the weather slowly turns into a more autumn like weather. Slowly I am planing to bring in my plants in case the weather will turn bad and I am cleaning my balcony. So far I am really happy, because this summer ended great. Most of my plants became bigger, stronger and taller. I could also propagate many plants and most of my seeds sprouted.
As a last effort I have decided to plant a 3rd pineapple and my sprouted amaryllis seeds.

First my pineapple. This is my favorite project because it is a delicious pleasure with great fun – especially the eating part! There are tons of sources both online and offline how to successfully root a pineapple, so in this I won’t go into details. The difference is, I usually let the plant to have about 5 cm roots and a fairly stable root system, only after that I will pot it. At the beginning I let the soil more moist and with time I water it less and less. The only challenging part will be the winter. These plants love sun, so I will hope they will survive the winter.



My second and last project for the year will be my amaryllis seeds. I did it in the hard way by putting the seeds into water – instead of soil instantly. If you can, I really recommend you to put seeds directly into soil. My method worked pretty good, but now I need to put them one by one and it isn’t the most convenient work.

In case you ask how many seeds I have got sprouted, my answer is, way more than I could handle, so many I had to give away or just throw away unfortunately – these seeds need to be sown within 2-3 weeks after seedpod opens. During the winter I will need to take special care for these little sprouts too.

Every year winter is a challenging period of time for me, but this year I want to be prepared. stay updated, because soon I will upload some tips and ideas – and you can see how I will solve the problems for the winter season.