My bonsai experience – with a lot of pictures!

Hello everyone,

Today I would like share & mark a special occasion with you. Lately I was busy with moving and traveling, but now I finally managed to bring a very special content to you. This is something I know people love to see and experience – and as you could read from the title – yes it is a bonsai post, hurray!

I usually share my stories about plants, with sometimes some scientific posts, but this time the post’s main purpose will be to please the eyes. Please note this isn’t a commercial, I was just really lucky enough to find this shop not far from my flat and the owner was kind enough to show me around and allow me to take photos about the plants. So here is the story…

It was a normal day in Brussels, Belgium. I was walking around enjoying the sunny weather when I found a sign:

The bonsai store at Rue Lesbroussart, 30 in Brussels, Belgium

I was surprised and as a bonsai and plant fan like me, I had to go in. I wasn’t disappointed. Next to “typical” bonsai plants I saw really magnificent ones. It had 2 sections. Indoor and outdoor bonsai. The owner was a really stunning and helpful woman, with whom we talked a lot about the bonsai and the shop. Eventually I had to ask if I can take some photos for my blog and she kindly agreed. Now came the problem.. I wanted to take a photo from all plants, but then I would be still there, shooting photos. I tried to make a selection of the most interesting plants. I am curious how many species you can recognise! I made a slideshow about the individual plants:

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Even many single specimen were beautiful, but as a whole, the outside garden was stunning!

Just look at these beautiful colors! This is why I love spring!

But it is not over yet. For a grand final I would like to share with you one of the most beautiful bonsai I found in the shop.  It is a 35+ years old Azalea in full bloom! If this doesn’t make you WOW! than nothing will! 🙂

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So all in all, I had a great, short trip experience in the shop. If you are in Brussels, I definitely recommend you to visit the place, you can find there many beautiful bonsai and expertise from the owner!

Let me know in the comments which is your favourite one! 🙂