My orchid nursery visit

Hello everyone,

After a long time, I would like to come with another interesting post. I had the chance to visit a nursery I wanted for a long time, but never had the real chance. This opportunity came on Friday 28th of August, when I could visit the Akerne Orchids nursery in Schoten.


My trip was quite adventurous. I recommend coming here by car or taxi – I did my journey on foot and with train. My journey started from Brussels with a train to Antwerpen, and from there with a bus to Schoten, and within Schoten on foot. Sounds simple, but finding the right bus and the right way took me quite a lot of preparation, not to mention I got lost couple of time…  but it was worthy! Before going to the nursery I contacted the owner(s). I was surprised that after 1 or 2 days I have received a message from the nursery – from Kenneth – that it isn’t a problem to come and we have arranged a day for the visit.
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