My new unique plants!

Hello Everyone,

Today I would like to introduce you to 2 of my newest plants. It might be an everyday plant for you or a special one, just like to me – nevertheless they are really unique looking ones. One of them is a succulent and the other one is a type of orchid from the USA.

First of all, I would like to talk about my succulent. Its latin name is Senecio Rowleyanus and everyday name is String of Pearls. May you already guessed or just wonder, what is a “string of pearls”? It might give you a hint or an idea. Its leaves are modified into round “pearls”, and the whole plant is hanging on a thin stem.

In cultivation they are used vertically, like it would be a curtain, but in the wild they are on the ground (horizontal). The reason why they sell it vertically is because this way it looks more special, and more space efficient. Although be warned! This plant can grow quick, so pruning is necessary to keep the plant in shape. It would be pity if the plant would collapse over its weight! The cuttings later you can use it to grow more Senecio plants (during the spring/summer I will show you how I will do it!
Now a bit about caring. Simple. It loves light (morning, afternoon direct sun is perfect), but during the summer keep it in a more shadier spot. During the summer water it more frequently and during the winter once in a while. You can ask, how I know it? Just touch the pearls/leaves. If they are swollen it needs good watering. But generally it doesn’t require much of watering. I recommend to buy a well draining soil, like you would buy for your cactus and other succulents. You can also mix one for yourself, adding sand and perlite into your mix.
I think this plant is great for every home, it can be kept indoor and outdoor (if you keep it outdoor make sure that it doesn’t tolerate low temperature, when it gets cold bring it indoor).

My other plant is as I have mentioned at the beginning is a succulent. It might be less unique for some orchid fans, because this plant is cultivated like crazy. Originally it is native to Southeast Asia and the Indian Subcontinent. You can find this in many different colors, but its shape is really unique. This specimen is from the USA. The plant’s latin name is Paphiopedilum and its everyday name is Venus slipper or Lady slipper.

Even if it looks special its care is like for every other orchid. It likes bark/moss mix and a light spot in the windowsill. If you have a heater nearby – like I do, then it is recommended to put some water on it to increase humidity in the room. Usually there is one problem when you buy an orchid, the pot. I recommend you to repot every orchid when you buy into a transparent pot, since these plants photosynthesise  though their roots too and not only through their leaves.
Additionally about their care, they don’t like to sit in water. This is why, bark and peat moss is a good choice to keep the plant wet enough. While they flower/during the winter water them less frequently, but don’t let them dry out. During summer once in a month you can add them orchid fertilizer to keep them healthy. If you do everything right, this plant will reward you every year with a beautiful big flower!

So that is all for now! I hope with these plants I could show you something new and you find them at least as special like I did.

See you until next time!


3 thoughts on “My new unique plants!

    1. I am happy I could show something new and interesting. I always get surprised how diverse plants can be!

      PS: I checked your blog, you make really awesome content!!!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you for visiting Tamas, and for the lovely compliment. I too get amazed at the enormous diversity in plants! I look forward to exploring your blog as I have such admiration to those that have the patience to immerse themselves in Bonsai.


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