Good news and bad news

Hello everyone,

Today I come with a good and a bad news. Let’s be positive and start with the good news first!

From my previous post you could read that I have started a new project for the winter. I have bought IKEA’s Växer. After a short time, I can already see some significant progress.


You can now clearly see each type of plant – watercress basil and parsley. It is really as easy as IKEA said, so I am looking forward to see where it will go. I will wait now a bit, until the plants get more mature and then will publish another update. The plants look, healthy with beautiful green leaves, so if things go like this, in couple of weeks I can come with another update!

Now about the bad news.  In Central Europe, weather starts to be bad – cold, windy and rainy. So I have decided to bring my plants indoor. Usually this process can take for me very long since, I try to find idea spot for my plants, so I will constantly move them around. Before I bring them in, I always give them a good shower, to remove dust, bugs and “unexpected guests”. Of course, it can’t be always done perfectly, since many bugs hide under leaves or in soil. This was the case this time, they were Aphids.

These little creatures reproduce very fast and I was lucky to spot them easily – if not, in 1-2 weeks the whole plant can be full of them and infest others.

My Experience/Tipp: If you bring in your plants always observe your plants closer for the next 2-3 weeks. Since indoor the weather is better, parasites become active. Furthermore, common parasites like aphids like to gather around fresh areas of the plant (new leaves, flower buds) – this is my personal observation. So even if you can spot a few you can be sure there will be more somewhere else, so quickly isolate them and use the right solution.

Finally a dilemma or more like debate between gardeners is what solution should we use against parasites. Some people want quick solution so use “hardcore” chemicals, others like to use more environmentally friendly solutions – like soap water or oil mixed with water. Personally I like to be in the middle. I do not recommend products from Monsanto or such companies. There are numerous sources where it can kill bees – and who would like to kill the No.1 pollinators?! Instead, you can find products which work in 12-24 hours period and are less harmful. The reason why I recommend less strong products, but still chemicals is because you don’t want to damage the soil, environment, but still don’t want to risk that these creatures spread from one plant to another.

Now I have sprayed my plants and isolated them. I hope in 1-2 days I can put them back to their original place – healthy without any guests! 🙂


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