A trip to Croatia

Hello everyone,

Today I would like to write to you about my short trip to Croatia. It was just couple of days, and it was early autumn, but it was a great experience. I could see olive trees and citrus trees everywhere. The area was calm and peaceful and people were really friendly.

I visited some places and I have thought that I will share these moments with you. I was in the southern part of Croatia and the place where I was called Ploče. The climate is ideal to grow plants which usually I see in shops (like lemon, pomegranate, olives, oranges,…). It doesn’t take much to find little stands, where locals sell fruits and vegetables from their gardens – and it isn’t expensive either.

Next to fruit trees and vegetables there are many other type of plants which grow in the mediterranean area. Best example is the cypress tree, but there are other type of well-known plants like agave and other succulents. I had the chance to visit a local nursery and it was full of plants. I have decided to buy some plants – nothing unique, but just a nice memory. I already have an olive tree, but decided to buy a bonsai olive tree.

Finally I have came across a tree with very interesting leaves. It is like a mimosa pudica (folds its leaves), but it isn’t touch sensitive, instead when it gets dark, it folds (see on the picture below). To me this was the most interesting and most extraordinary plant I have seen – even if it is common there. Now my new task will be to find this plant’s name and next summer acquire it!

I wish I could tell you more, but it was just a 2 days trip, with work and just a little free time. If you are looking for a very peaceful and calm area with some swimming possibility, for your next holiday destination, I recommend you to visit this place! And in case you know the name of the tree in my 4 last pictures, let me know in the comments below! 🙂


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