Late summer gardening

Hello Everyone,

Here, where I live summer is slowly coming to its end. There are still some warm days with sun, but the weather slowly turns into a more autumn like weather. Slowly I am planing to bring in my plants in case the weather will turn bad and I am cleaning my balcony. So far I am really happy, because this summer ended great. Most of my plants became bigger, stronger and taller. I could also propagate many plants and most of my seeds sprouted.
As a last effort I have decided to plant a 3rd pineapple and my sprouted amaryllis seeds.

First my pineapple. This is my favorite project because it is a delicious pleasure with great fun – especially the eating part! There are tons of sources both online and offline how to successfully root a pineapple, so in this I won’t go into details. The difference is, I usually let the plant to have about 5 cm roots and a fairly stable root system, only after that I will pot it. At the beginning I let the soil more moist and with time I water it less and less. The only challenging part will be the winter. These plants love sun, so I will hope they will survive the winter.



My second and last project for the year will be my amaryllis seeds. I did it in the hard way by putting the seeds into water – instead of soil instantly. If you can, I really recommend you to put seeds directly into soil. My method worked pretty good, but now I need to put them one by one and it isn’t the most convenient work.

In case you ask how many seeds I have got sprouted, my answer is, way more than I could handle, so many I had to give away or just throw away unfortunately – these seeds need to be sown within 2-3 weeks after seedpod opens. During the winter I will need to take special care for these little sprouts too.

Every year winter is a challenging period of time for me, but this year I want to be prepared. stay updated, because soon I will upload some tips and ideas – and you can see how I will solve the problems for the winter season.


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