Symbiosis between fungus and plants – how to promote it?

Hello Everyone,

Today I want to talk about a different topic. Wether you are a gardener or not, you must have heard about symbiosis. And about mycorrhiza? When a lot of people hear fungus, they think of something bad. It is true. There are good and bad fungus, which damage or kill the plant, but in this case we talk about a peaceful neighbor where everyone benefits – mycorrhiza.

Let’s go into details… (but not too much). I am by far not an expert on this topic, and probably there are many more people with a greater knowledge, but if you love your plant(s), it is important to know some basic rules. We all want the best for our plants, see them healthy and in bloom (except those plant which do not bloom :)). Mycorrhiza is just the right answer to help you with that. A mycorrhiza is a symbiotic association composed of a fungus and roots of a plant. Roots absorb minerals and water from the soil, but sometimes it is not that easy. Roots have their own limits, and this is where fungus comes it. Fungus spread in soil like fire, webbing huge areas, linking everything together (if you are interested google: Wood Wide Web). They can transport carbon, phosphorus, nitrogen, water, defense compounds, and allelochemicals from plant to plant. So it is like a highway to transport materials. In return they also benefit – this is called symbiosis. They receive from plants mostly sugar, like fructose, glucose and sucrose. The next question you can ask, is in what situations in can be useful? The short answer in mostly in every situation. It is especially beneficial if you have many plants in a small area (example: bonsai). It increases the plants efficiency and it also saves you money, since you have to fertilize the plant less frequent.

All in all, nature is the best gardener and we can only learn from it. Above you can see an experiment I have did, so now I am doing further experiments to see how effective it can get! I recommend you to visit your local garden store and enquire about mycorrhiza (liquid or granulates).


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