Huge Update part 2.- new plants

Hello Everyone,

So a bit late, but here is the 2. part of my new plants. I am thinking to consider, that I have a problem with collecting plants – but I guess if you are also a plant lover you will understand 🙂

Today I would like to show you 2 new plants. First is a Sophora Prostrata and the second is an Albuca Spiralis. These 2 plants might look to you special, interesting or unusual – or maybe average :), but to me it is a great addition to my balcony garden. One thing is sure though, even if they look special, their care does not require much!

So first is my Sophora Prostrata. This plant originally comes from Japan and was used as a prayer-plant. It has very nice branching growth with small green leaves. It can tolerate both indoor and outdoor, but the most important is water. This plant likes water, so better keep it more on the wet side, than on the dry side. If you decide to keep it outdoor, it likes sunny till half-shady areas, and for the winter it is important to protect it from frost, so better bring it indoor. If I will be lucky, during the summer I can see small yellowish flowers. About fertilization, it does not require anything special. Fertilize it as usual (as it is indicated on the product). I recommend to repot it every 2 years to a humus rich soil.

Sophore Prostrata

The main reason why I have decided to choose this plant is because of the branching. It is really extraordinary. I will see how this plant evolves the upcoming years, maybe I will even make one day a bonsai out of it!

Sophora Prostrata

The next plant is a bit of crazy plant. Its name is Albuca SpiralisDo you like the smell of vanilla? Then this plant is for you! The flowers have a very strong vanilla like smell, and there are tons of flowers on a steam. If you keep it indoor the air will quickly good and everyone will be stunned, not only by the look, but also about its gorgeous smell. But let’s get back to the basics… this plant originates from South Africa, so this means it requirements are completely the opposite of the Sophora Prostrata. It needs direct sunlight or at least a very sunny location. You do not need to water it often, in fact try to keep it more on the dry side. Even when it is super hot outside, I water it once or maximum twice a week. Other interesting thing is – even if you do not see it – that it has a bulb, and in my case it is covered with soil. As I have experienced, It does not matter if you cover it with soil or leave the top revealed. Until you do not overwater it, there is minimum chance to rot the bulb.
About fertilization, use it as it is written on the product. There are no special care needs. And finally for the winter, do not forget to bring it indoor!

Albuca Spiralis in bloom

So all in all, these are my new plants. I think they will be a great addition to my new collection and hope I will be successful to maintain them or even propagate them in the upcoming years! If you have the same plants, let me know about your experiences!

Thank you for reading!





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