Huge Update part 1.- new plants, success & failure

Hello everyone,

I haven’t wrote for a while, but now I am back. I was busy with private life, acquiring new plants and football (since the European Championship is pretty interesting!).

But let’s start with a bad news. My previous project with liatris spicata didn’t go well. The seeds got rotten in soil and nothing really happened. I was a bit sad, but unfortunately such incidents happen. I looked around and again found a 1€ bargain. These new plants are called allium moly. Like liatris spicata this is also requires low maintenanc. All you need to do is just plant the top of the bulb just at surface level and don’t overwater, keeping it moist but not wet. It likes full sun to part shade.
I hope this project will go better, if I will see a result I will share it with you!


I think the more interesting part will come now. I would like to share with you some success in this year.
First of all, I have successfully pollinated my amaryllis. Insects took majority of the pollens, so I was a bit puzzled since I could pollen only 2 stigmas (up and down on the picture). Much to my surprise as a result I got a 2/2 successful pollination. I left the other 2 stigmas (right and left side of the picture), since I had not enough pollens. I am really looking forward to see how it will develop and hope that I can get some seeds!
The other surprise is my olive tree. I could find some small olives – well, not olives yet, but on the way to become one, one day!
There aren’t many on the tree, but still I am super happy to see it developing. I have never seen any olives on a tree in real life, so this can be a great possibility for me to observe.


During the weekend I will upload the 2. part of this article, where I will talk about 2 very interesting plants not long ago.

Thank you for reading! And as a good bye, here is a picture of a fan with my amaryllis!



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