Potting Liatris Spicata

Hello Everyone,

Not long ago I have acquired some liatris spicata seeds at a discounted price (1€ for 8 pieces! – wow!). Even if my balcony is full, I could not say no to such an offer. After buying it I looked up my books and the internet how to plant and care about them.


The reason why I especially liked this type of plant is because it is not native in Europe. It’s habitat is throughout most of eastern North America and I am really astonished about plants which are not everyday to me. First I thought, it requires some special care, but in reality it is for “lazy gardeners”. To describe this plant short. It does not require much at all. The only thing you need to watch out is soil. It likes moist soil, but not wet. But even this apparently does not affect too much, since I have read that people have this plant at warm climate areas and rarely water it and still flourishes. So this might be a truly surviver plant. So what now what I did…


First it was important to know how to pot it. Even if it is a survivor, it will be for it to survive upside down :). So what I did I examined. It is not hard to see roots and shoots – on the picture you can see the shoots and roots at the bottom.
It needs space, so I took a big pot, filled with some general soil and gave a very good watering. I will keep mine wet – but not damp. Between each plant I left about 5-8 cm, and 3 cm deep. The distance between plants can be bigger, but since I put only 4 in this big pot and I will fertilize regularly, there shouldn’t be a problem. In a garden, you won’t have this problem.


The only thing what is left is sun and warmth. It loves sun, it likes direct sun and as much it can get, so you do not need to worry about burning it, it will love to be be left on the sun. Also does not require any special fertilizing. A basic, cheap fertilizer will do and do not worry about pest and diseases, it is very tolerant to them as well. So this was my short post about my newest plant, when it will grow I will share with you some photos (either here or on Facebook) and updates!




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