Potting a little butterwort

Hello all,

During the weekend I had the chance to do some gardening. Finally after a crazy weather (cold-warm-rain-cold-sun), there was a decent weather to go outside and do some basic care for my plants. But in this post, I will focus to write about my little pinguicula.

A tiny pinguicula moranensis from a leaf

On the picture you can even see, it started to develop some roots and has a healthy green colour. So the next step is to put this little plant into soil to ensure its healthy growth. I took out my usual stuff and prepared…


The soil is a special mix contains: peat moss, perlite, bark and quartz sand. This allows to keep the Ph level around 3-4 which should be suitable. Then I let the soil soak up some rain water (or alternatively you can use destilled water).
The challenging task came only now. Even though butterworts’ root are not functioning like other roots (it anchors the plant to the soil, but absorbs most of the nutritions above the ground), it still needs to have stability. This little plant had no root system yet, so I had to drill a hole and try to stuck it in as best as I could. Since it is a moss, it won’t keep the plant as firm as soil. I am still hoping when the plant will like its new place and will grow bigger.
And finally the result!



Since the weather is a bit cold outside – even though it is sunny, for now I will keep it indoors and later I will put it outdoor! 🙂

Thank you for reading! And as always, I am looking forward receive feedback!


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