In the shade of the olive tree

Hello All,

Ok it might be a bit optimistic to call this plant a (mature) tree, but it is on the right track. Not long ago I have purchased an olive tree for a fairly good price, and after purchasing it, I made my research.

Olive tree

First thing I had to do, is to repot. An article said, that the pot needs to be as big as its crown. So I started to prepare…


Let’s start from the buttom to the top. I bought a much wider and deeper pot with reinforced walls to ensure it has enough space. At the bottom I drilled at least 4 holes to ensure good drainage. For the soil I have chosen to make my own mix. The mix’s ratio is 2:1, mediterranean, which has a pH of 5.5 (Olive trees prefer soil in the neutral range (5.5 – 7.5 pH)  and sand  (due to drainage). Then I placed the olive tree in the center and made sure place it tight. The final result is here…


On the top I put some fresh mediterranean soil and sand, here 1:2 ratio and put it outside. Even though the weather is not hot and sunny, olive trees are very tolerant. They can stay outside until -10°C and like full sun. The soil likes to be more on the dry side than on the wet side. Water them well and then let it dry out good. For fertilizing it does not require special product. I recommend to use a premium slow-release fertilizer with essential minor elements (zinc, boron, calcium, etc.). During the growing period use it as mentioned on the label otherwise, during the winter period it does not need any fertilizer.
Now to the top, olive trees are very pruning / cutting tolerant. In fact, many sources suggest you to do it to keep the plant healthy. I will leave mine for now to grow and then I will see.
Finally, what risks or problems can occure. Root rotting if you over water it. If you are not sure, better leave it dry out a bit more. Scale insect can attack it too, although it should not happen often. My motto is: “always check your plants” and monitor its leaves and stem.
I hope my plant will like its new home and eventually I can taste my own olives – although you can not eat olives straight from the tree, unless they are sun dried or cured!


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