Ginger is growing crazy! – a short update on my ginger plant

Hello Everyone,

If you remember not long ago, I have shared my story about my ginger. If you haven’t read it, you can do it here. Now I would like to make a short update about it. Where I live the weather was really bad – cloudy, windy, cold, rain. There was very little sun, so it affected many of my plants badly. Today it is a really spring weather, so I hope my plants will recover quickly.

Everyone he sees it asks what it is and I answer, it is a ginger. People get surprised. After that they ask, what did I do and how I achieved it. To be fair, I still have no idea. It had warmth, regular watering, weeks without water, in cold and surprisingly it emerged one day. I guess, I was lucky as well and much to my surprise, now I have a problem, how I will repot this plant. I need to check the root system and then I can be sure that the plant is developed enough. Currently to me it looks it is in a fairly good and healthy condition.


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