Ginger – a new hope!

Hello everyone,

Today I will talk about a different plant – it will be a short post :). I think the story will be instructive. In September/October, 2015 I have decided to start a “ginger project”. For months nothing happened. No shoot, no roots – nothing. I was watering it, put it to a light/warm place, but still nothing.
At some point I even gave up, and I have put the pot outside. It was for weeks in cold and rain. Around December, when I was cleaning the balcony, I put the ginger pot indoor (I even forgot what I had in it). Today it is the 5th of February and see what I have found…


Shoot of the ginger

I was so surprised, happy and in a way ashamed. I forgot something. To be a successful horticulturalist/botanist or gardener the key ingredient to have is to be patient. Today I have learnt my lesson. Even when you think, a plant is dead or dying you should not give up, because they do not give up!

Plants indeed teach us a lot, to never give up!


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