Amaryllis going dormancy

Hello everyone,

So I want to give you a quick info about one of my plant. My Amaryllis finished flowering so it is time to prepare it for dormancy. I have all kind of plants, but as you know there are two type of groups: 1. Tropical and 2. Temperate. Tropical plants generally do not go to dormancy (they can require a cooler period), while temperate plants are required to go to dormancy. If they do not, it is likely that in couple of years they die. It is vital, because during this time, the nutritions they take from soil and though photosynthesis it will be stored and used for the next year. To the second category comes Amaryllis (it has a bulb, so obviously duh! :)).

So what did I do? First of all, you can speed up this process by bringing the plant to a bit shady area and decreasing water. Do not be surprised if the leaves will remain for a while, even after the flowers die, the huge leaves stay, because the plant is collecting still more nutritions for the next year. I recommend to leave the leaves for about 1 month after the flowering is done, so you can have higher chances that for the next season you will have flowers again – no guarantee though.
You will be able to take the bulb with roots out from the dry soil easily. Clean the dry bulb, remove dead roots and cut the leaves off (I used sterilised scissors).  Then you can put in a dark chill area for 2-3 months to rest.
Unfortunately my other bulb was not like this. It was soaked and started minor signs of rot. I removed it from the soil, cleaned it and put it to a shady warmer corner of my flat.

My Amaryllis bulbs before putting them to dormancy

I will wait 1 week before putting them to their final place. Reason why is, because I will let the plant to soak up all remaining nutritions in its roots (then cut off most of it) and dry the bulb.

You may ask how can I see when the dormancy finished? It is easy. Check the plant weekly (for rot, fungus,…) and when you see after couple of months that there are new roots developing and/or a shoot is coming up from the top of the bulb, you can be sure that it is time to give a little bit of water and plant it in soil!


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