My winter journey’s summary from Austria

Hello all,

So I am home, and I am full with experiences and pictures. You will not believe what I have seen and experienced, but I will try to share it with you.

First of all, you may ask where I was. I was in Ried im Oberinntal. It is located in Tirol, Austria. A small village in a valley. Basically the area is about tourism – a lot of hotels and apartments for the people who want to do skiing.

A typical house from Tirol

 I could talk a lot about everyday life experiences, but I would like to focus about plants. As you expect, winter is not the best period of time to explore nature, but to me it is a special occasion. People might see “plain”, “simple” or “dead” landscapes, but what I see is natures time to regenerate. It is vital for the nature to reborn. Mostly what you can see, are huge pine trees and it is not hard to find offsprings of gigantic trees. It is really magnificent to see them.


Going up on the mountain +1800m!


View from nearly the top


Although nature is beautiful I can not take it with me. I was kind of upset, that I am far away from home without any plant so I had to acquire something. Around New Year, shops were full of shamrocks and lucky bamboos, so I have decided to acquire on of them. My choice fell on a bamboo. The little fella was in a fairly decent condition, but I was worried. I put it in water (tap water in the Alps are really high quality, free of many components cities have – otherwise I recommend rain water or distilled water). But it was not enough. I had to acquire some fertilizer for green plants. After I put some in the water. My plant started to boom! The root system developed quickly, becoming stronger and darker green. I was really happy. My happiness was only changed to concern, when I was traveling home. It was a bit tricky, but with newspaper and a bit of a luck I could transport my bamboo home, where I have instantly potted it.
Although you can keep bamboo in water for years and years, never forget that even though plants feel themselves the best when their conditions are close to their original living area. Bamboos are in soil, not in water! So if you have a bamboo at home and want to propagate it and have it for more than couple of years, I recommend to put it in soil.

Bamboo in Austria in a small bottle with water


Bamboo is traveling with me home on the train


After potting the bamboo in a soil which keeps it moist

Now I am preparing for the next big challenge. I have visited local stores to collect some seeds for the spring/summer. In my next blog post I will talk about, what seeds I have acquired, and what others plans I have! Until then, hope you will like my pictures!


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