So what is up?! I’m still alive :)

Hello everyone!

Well.. Where should I start.. I know that I haven’t written for a while on this page. I received a job abroad and it mixed my schedules completely. I even had personal problems to get internet, but it seems now at least my internet problems are solved. So then let me tell you a bit about my situation instead of my plants.

I left my hometown in mid-December 2015 and since then I’m in western-Austria (to be specific in the Alps). The place is beautiful, but I’m working a lot (basically from the morning till the evening). This schedules leaves little time for my hobbies, including writing on my blog. Furthermore, I live in a small room, where I have limited possibilities. But the good news are that this is temporary job – until April and that before I have left my hometown I took some pictures which I were not able to share so far.

This is hard, but in the future I will try to write at least a couple of posts per month. I was even able to acquire a small little bamboo to keep me company, in my rush life and seeing it evolve makes me happy. In the future I will write about it as well too.

In this post I just wanted to explain my situation and share with you some photos where I will spend my upcoming months 🙂 enjoy and hope to write to you very soon!



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