My plants are blooming!!!

Hello everyone,

I just want to give you a quick update on some of my plants. As you know during winter period most of the plants are going dormant, so unfortunately (or fortunately) there is not much to do. Yet some of the plants are very busy! 🙂

If you are reading my blog, you know that my amaryllis is doing fine, well finally I have some result. I have took some pictures just today to show you my amaryllis in blooms.



Other side of the amaryllis. As you can see it grew huge! 

I am super happy to see that this plant reached this state. I have now another duty, to propagate this plant. Also I have some warnings for you!

  1. If you buy a bulb (in a kit or separate) bare in mind that a small pot will be enough for it to bloom – since the bulb gathered enough energy before it went dormant. But if you want to keep it and make it bloom every year, I recommend to pot it in a bigger pot where there is at least 8-10 cm from the bulb to the rim of the pot. The plant needs to gather a lot of light and nutritions from the soil.
  2. Do not over water it! During blooming period you can give a bit more water, but before do not! Keep the soil moist – never wet. So the new roots can develop.
  3. After blooming let it go dormant. Take it out from the ground and keep it at a cool, dry and dark place. It needs rest before it can produce again beautiful blooms!

And finally before saying good bye to you, I want to show you my christmas cactus. As you can see it is also blooming like crazy! Red, Pink, White all kind of colors are emerging. I was worried it will not like its place, but apparently it has no problems.

Christmas Cactus in blooms

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