Amaryllis close to bloom!

 Hello everyone,

Just a quick update on my Amaryllis.. Due to the winter-ish weather there isn’t much sun. So this slows down the growing process of the plant. But luckily the plant collected enough energy before to continue the growing process. If you have similar situation, don’t worry. Everything is fine. Probably the plant will allocate more energy to grow bigger leaves (bigger leaves = bigger surface to collect sun). 

Also you can see my second amaryllis. It finally started to grow. I think it will take much more time due to weather conditions, but if it is kept in a light spot eventually it will catch up!

Side note: you can see that my Pinguicula is like a machine, it just collects fungus gnats like flypaper. Nature is magnificent!

Also I want to show you my experiment with pine seeds. I posted before a picture showing that my pine cone is opening. So it opened and I have harvested about 30-40 seeds. I split it and I try to germinate about 20, in case I fail, I will try with the other half during spring/summer.

If someone can give me tips and ideas about the germination of pine seeds that would be a great help! 🙂


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