Pine Cone is opening!

Hello all,

Last week, I have bought a pine cone in a supermarket. It said on the label, that it is a great decoration for the christmas holiday and if you want to make it open, then put it on the heater. It will sound childish, but I have never done, seen or had something like this before, so I have decided to buy it (anyway it was 1€). I was really curious to see the progress. The first couple of days nothing happened.. I started to think “nature went wrong”, but I was really surprised when couple of days ago it starts to crack and “shooting” seeds out of it. The area, around my heater looked like a battlefield. pieces of the cone and seeds were around it.

Pine cone
Pine cone on the heater cracking

For me the seeds were the most interesting part. It looked like it is covered in charcoal. When I took them in my hands it left a black mark. I will definitely make some more research about it and get the bottom of this “mystery” 🙂

Pine cone pieces and 3 seeds

Before I end this blog post, I just want to mention that the upcoming days, I will upload an interview with a carnivorous plant expert. I think it will be very interesting and worthy to read, not to mention the picture are looking great! So see you soon!


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