The Amaryllis has arrived! – From the start


Yesterday I have bought an amaryllis bulb from my local gardening store. It was part of a set – bulb, pot and soil, so I could not resist to buy it (5€). I have always wanted to have an amaryllis in my collection so finally the time has come. First I was a bit worried about its care, but after making some research, I have realized it should not be hard. After arrive home, I have decided to plant it as soon as possible and wait for a result.

Image: the potted amaryllis bulb and jade plant are enjoying the sunshine

I have read some care guides. In case you are as new as I am, I will link you here the care and propagation guide of it. The guide is from the Royal Horticultural Society’s website.

Now I am curious how it will go, but about the progress I will constantly but updates!

Finally I just want to mention a problem and a solution you might have at home. Depends where you live, you might have to bring your plants indoor due to “winter is coming”. Of course with plants also insects are coming in to enjoy the warmth of your house. One of these – not really welcomed guests, are fungus gnats. They aren’t specially harmful, but pretty annoying. Of course nature has a solution… Pinguicula, commonly known as the butterworts. As you could guess it is a carnivorous plant, and gues its job pretty good. Trust me…

Image: Pinguicula is enjoying a feast

These plants are pretty simple – if you are following some basic rules. But more about these plants I will tell you in my next blog post! 🙂

In case you have an amaryllis, let me know about your personal experiences!


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